So after “how much will it cost?”, the next question is inevitably,  “How long will it take to dry?”  These are the two most commonly asked questions of a carpet cleaner.  Understandably.  Customers want to be inconvenienced as little as possible. They pretty much want their carpet to dry before you leave. So, how do you dry carpets before you leave?   Drying is a function of: Humidity, Temperature and Atmospheric pressure.  It also depends on equipment and chemicals.

What about hot water extraction?  Portable and truck mount carpet cleaners both put down pre-spray, then extract and, in some cases, put down protector. All three steps involve adding moisture to the carpet.  So, how do the carpets dry before we leave?  Huck’s Carpet Cleaning puts down only what’s needed.  We apply pre-treatment sparingly, careful not to overspray.  We use chemicals that have alcohol as a base. As the need for drying has increased, manufacturers have started producing fast-drying pre-sprays. And alcohol evaporates faster than water and will help water evaporate faster.  In the extraction stage, there are numerous ways to facilitate drying.  Huck’s Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful truck mount machine which is the most efficient, as only one pass is usually needed to pick up the majority of the water. Water lift is by far the most important ingredient in drying the carpet. It is the ability of our machine to pull more water from a 1½- to 2-inch wand or hose. Water lift is measured in inches of mercury. Basically, one inch of mercury lift, as indicated on a vacuum gauge, will lift water 14 inches.

Other ways to facilitate drying include turning on fans in all the rooms after Huck’s cleans your carpet, or using air conditioners on humid days.